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with each laugh that wrinkles your nose; it touches my foolish heart...
Recent Entries 

20x kristen stewart
12x adventureland
24x selena gomez

...as if i don't already see themCollapse )
19th-Aug-2010 10:36 pm - we're venus and mars...
20x dakota fanning
20x alice/bella (twilight saga)
20x the oc (dearly beloved)
09x kirsten dunst
03x pretty little liars cast
08x jonas brothers (& demi lovato)
02x dakota fanning banners
03x jonas brothers/camp rock banners

...we're like different stars, but you're the harmony to every song i singCollapse )
11th-Jul-2010 10:19 am - you don't know what you've got...
29 Pretty Little Liars (1x05) icons
2 Pretty Little Liars (1x05) banners

30th-Jun-2010 10:28 am - when all is lost...

finally finished my jacob/bella video and it's up on youtube.
please comment, i really appreciate them :)
follow the cut...

...hope remainsCollapse )
21st-Jun-2010 09:20 pm - and if i die before i wake...
 ok, major post! i went a bit crazy testing a colouring style and made all these icons, some banners and i uploaded a video on my youtube last week so i thought i'd chuck that up here too :)
please make sure you credit me if you snag and please leave a comment, i want to know what you think!

21 x Skins Generation 2 Cast 
35 x Skins Season 3 
08 x The Vampire Diaries
23 x Gilmore Girls (Rory & Jess)
09 x One Tree Hill (Lucas & Peyton) 
04 x The OC (Ryan & Marissa)
24 x Pretty Little Liars 

2 x Pretty Little Liars

1 x Pretty Little Liars


...all of me is yours to takeCollapse )

How awesome was the other nights new Vampire Diaries?
I must say, as a completly obsessed Jeremy fan I love that he has a new potential love interest :)
Anyway, to celebrate Jeremy's awesomeness I've made a few new icons featuring Jeremy & Anna as well as a few Emma Watson ones thrown in :)

1-18: Vampire Diaries 1x11 (Jeremy/Anna)
19-22: Emma Watson

1: Vampire Diaries 1x11 (Jeremy/Anna)
2: Emma Watson


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